The Plan

Park plan and future goals

  1. Finish the ceiling of the pavili0n at the park.
  2. Apply for grants for new playground equipment.
  3. Get gravel at the basketball court and the pavilion for parking.
  4. Plant new trees to replace the ones that had to be cut down.
  5. Add guttering on all the buildings to get water away from them.
  6. Add dirt to level low areas especially around the buildings.
  7. Build a pavilion over the concrete pad where building was tore down.
  8. Install a fence that is sectioned off for individual dog park in the ball field.
  9. Install a back stop in the ball field

Abandoned and dilapidated properties

Clean up abandoned and dilapidated properties. This list to help clean up and make our community a safer place for all. Below is a list of vacant, burnt down or falling apart houses. These properties pose both a health and safety issue.

  1. We can apply for grants to help with cost of clean up.
  2. Work with property owner to clean up the property.
  3. The last resort is to go through the legal process to get it cleaned up.

List of vacant houses in Buckner:

210 N Jenette Ave burnt house not maintained

Corner Clark & Central burnt house not maintained

303 Miller St vacant garbage waste in yard people are making attempt to work on the house

702 E 3rd St vacant not maintained

110 N Newton St house vacant falling in not maintained

404 E Railroad St vacant not maintained

118 N Edwards St vacant not maintained

108 N Edwards St vacant not maintained

118 S Edwards St unsecure vacant burnt not maintained

103 E Coal St vacant unsecure not maintained

105 S Silkwood St vacant not maintained

208/210 W Coal St vacant falling in not maintained

Hwy 14 East off Roy St brick apartment vacant not maintained

Most of these properties have sat empty for several years and are falling apart. Property owners should be worked with to help clean them up. If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know.

Income and expenses transparency

At the Village Hall there will be posted at each board meeting the income that came in and the bills that was paid that month. Also will have a list of outstanding debt the Village has.

Property owned by Village of Buckner

Any property the Village of Buckner owns will be assessed based on use. If we don’t use the property or need the property we could sell it. We would not get rid of the ball field or the mine pond property either.

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