Community Issues

These are issues brought up by the people of our community. We are making this list to try and come up with the solution to fix them. We need our community to come together to voice their opinions on these issues. You can add to this list my using our Contact Us page, send me an email ( or talk to me Aaron Eubanks. This list is in order that they were received.

  1. Dogs not on leash. Possible solution: Be a good neighbor put your down on a leash. Check leash laws.
  2. People can’t walk their dogs down the street without dogs chasing them. Possible solution: Be a good neighbor put your dog on a leash, fence or pen. Check leash laws.
  3. People can’t go walking or jogging without dogs chasing them. Possible solution: Be a good neighbor put your dog on a leash, fence or pen. Check leash laws.
  4. Dogs in other’s yard chasing attacking animals and pooping in their yards. Possible solution: Be a good neighbor put your dog on a leash keep your dog in your own yard.
  5. Abandoned dilapidated houses and properties. Possible solution: Help owners fix up or remove the houses and clean up the properties by applying for grants to help. If we can’t get any grants we can still help clean up the properties by trimming trees, picking up trash and cutting the grass. Some of this the Village workers are already doing this.
  6. People living campers. Possible solution: (Check ordinances) We are not allowed to live in a camper within the Village of Buckner. People can go in their campers just can’t hook up to water and sewer to live in them. We need to work with the community to inform them what can and can’t be done.
  7. Abandoned vehicles in peoples yards. Possible solution: (Check ordinances) Abandoned vehicles without registration and insurance must be removed, covered or in a garage. There is also the issue of those vehicles leaking fluids on the ground. A grant can be used for this too if the house is abandoned. We need to work with the community to correct these issues.
  8. Problems with ditch drainage and water flooding in yards. Possible solution: Work with the community and city workers to clean ditches each year. Replace damaged drainage tiles as needed.
  9. Water supply line has no clean out on Miller St. Possible solution: Would have to check with city workers and engineer to correct the problem.
  10. No police presence in the Village of Buckner. Possible solution: Look at grants we can apply for funds to have a full time police officer. Another is to have Franklin County Sheriffs department patrol every day.
  11. Need more transparency about income and expenses for the Village of Buckner. Possible solution: Have a list of our income and our expenses posted at each board meetings. The community needs to attend board meetings to voice concerns in open discussion. Meetings are held the third Thursday of the month. A list of when the board is meeting is posted at the Post Office and on the door of the Community Building.
  12. Speeding on several roads. (2nd, 3rd, Mine, Silkwood, George and Jenette Streets) Possible solution: Add stop signs and have police start issuing tickets. Safety of our community is very important please obey speed limits. We need to speak with the community first about resolving these issues.
  13. Vehicles running stop signs at several locations in Buckner. Possible solution: Start issuing tickets to those that don’t obey the stop signs. Safety of our community is very important please obey stop signs. We need to speak with the community first about resolving these issues.
  14. Sewer pushes lid up and over flows sewer behind a residents home. Sewer backs up in their yard and sometimes in their house. Possible solution: Have city workers and engineers look at the situation to come up with the solution. May need a new pump station or some kind of overflow holding station. ** Reason is because rain water from gutters and sump pumps are being discharged into the sewer system. It is against Village of Buckner ordinance to discharge rain water from gutters or sump pumps into the sewer system.
  15. Need to fix roads. Possible solution: We have funds for the roads to be repaired. Don’t know if we would have enough money to replace all the roads. City workers do their best to fill and patch the roads.
  16. Need additional stop signs at several locations in town. (4-way stop signs around the park for safety of the kids traveling to and from the park) Possible solution: We can place stop signs through out the community and hope that drivers obey them. We need to speak with the people of the community and try to slow down traffic first.
  17. Park upgrade and complete pavilion/dance floor ceiling. Possible solution: apply for grants, ask for donations and have dinners to fund projects at the park. The ceiling of the pavilion needs to be completed first to keep it from further damage of the wiring and lights. The outside lights need to be fixed most are hanging from their wires. Maybe add gutters to the buildings to ensure water doesn’t splash against it and rot them. We need some new swing seats, new playground equipment and would like a smaller picnic area over the concrete pad were the old building was tore down. Need gravel to park at the basketball court and on Silkwood along the pavilion for people that visit the park. Maybe add some motion lights for security.
  18. Trash truck takes too many trips up and down roads and cuts corners into residents property. Possible solution: Create a route with them may have to place your trash bin on one side of the road. This will make less trips on our roads and the trash company will save time.
  19. Trash blowing from trash bins and littering Possible solution: Individuals clean up when their trash bin is knocked over. We have some animals knocking some over. Once a month have volunteers pick up trash along the streets.
  20. Need extra trash can (2nd trash bin) Possible solution: Residents that have or need an extra trash bin would have to pay an extra fee. The community would need to voice there opinions on this issue.
  21. Water bill online payment option. Possible solution: Their is an online water department processing portal. It charges a convince fee and not sure if the community would want to pay $2-$3 fee to pay your water bill. A suggestion by one of our residents was made to move the drop box closer to the road. I think this is a great idea. Another suggestion was the water clerk needs a set few days that they are up at the Village Hall so residents could pay their bill in person if necessary.
  22. Reports of vehicles blocking alleys. Possible solution: Check to see if we have ordinances about blocking alleys. Pour gravel on your property so you can pull off the alley so your neighbor can safely pass.
  23. Need a newer Village work truck. Can purchase a new or used 1 ton dump truck. Would have to do research with the board to see what can afford.

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